The Coronavirus Financial Relief Bill was finally signed by US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump
The Corona Financial Relief Bill was finally signed by US President Donald Trump. Trump did not want to sign the bill, which was introduced to provide financial assistance to Americans affected by the Corona massacre. He demanded that the people should pay more money as financial aid. But he moved away from his position and announced that he would sign the bill on Sunday night. The total financial assistance in this bill is 90 trillion dollars.

The bill passed the House of Representatives and Senate last Monday. The bill states that those with an annual income of less than 75,000 will receive  600 in financial assistance. But the next day, Trump vetoed the bill. His complaint is that the amount of money being allocated in the bill is very little for the people. “I want the people of my country to get  2,000 instead of 600,” Trump said. The money that is being allocated in the bill is not desirable at all. ”

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This attitude of Trump was sharply criticized by the next American President Joe Biden. “If Trump delays signing the bill, it will not become law,” he said. Due to which the problems of the people will increase. ” After that, Trump signed the bill. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, he is believed to have been under pressure from two congressional senators.