Marina Balmasheva:Russian Social Media Influencer Marina Balmasheva Married Her Stepson After Splitting

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Marina Balmasheva
Russian Social Media Influencer Marina Balmasheva Married Her Stepson After Splitting
Marina Balmasheva
Russia has a relationship that may surprise you. Marina Balmasheva, a social media influencer, lives in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. She recently married her step-son. As a result, he who had been her child for so long is now her husband. It is learned that they are about to give birth to a new child.
Mariner was married in 2007 to a young man named Alexi. Alexis had a previous marriage. Marina came into his life after that marriage broke down. Alexei had two sons when he married Marina, one of whom was seven-year-old Vladimir Vaya’s chevron Alexi and Marina had been married for more than a decade. They even adopted four children. Local media claimed Marina wanted a child in her womb. But for some reason it was not possible. That’s what caught the crack. Marina and Alexei finally decided to break up after more than a decade.
After parting ways with Alexei, Marina begins a new relationship with her stepfather, Vladimir. From there they also decided to get married. It is now known that Vladimir’s child was born in Marina’s womb. Or they decided to get married earlier this year. But it was not possible due to Korna’s overdose. Eventually, he got married legally by signing at his registry office.
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Marina Balmasheva
Alexi is now 45 years old and Marina is 35. Vladimir, whom Marina has been caring for since she was about seven, is now 20 years old. Alexi has been allowed to keep the remaining five children with her. Even if Marina is able to meet the children, she will not be able to go out with them or share any pictures or videos on social media, the country’s child service has instructed.
Marina shared the news of her separation and re-marriage on social media. Since then the news has spread around. It didn’t take long for such a news to go viral on social media, with several pictures and videos being shared there.