Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Has Demanded Harsh Punishment For Rape

Imran Khan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has said that the death penalty for rape or the use of chemicals to deprive the perpetrators of their sexual power will restrict the repist to do so.  Pakistan has been rocked by the recent gang-rape of a woman in Lahore.  Imran Khan has made such a comment in a television interview based on that source.

In Lahore, two miscreants dragged a woman out of a car at gunpoint and raped her in front of her children.  The incident sparked tensions across the country.  The demonstration began.  One of the accused has been arrested.

“The accused should be taken to a street corner and sentenced to death,” he said in an interview.  The Pakistani Prime Minister has strongly questioned the legal recognition of the use of chemicals in rape cases to deprive the perpetrators of their sexual power.  In his words, “Just as murder is tried in terms of first, second or third degree, so should rape.”