Is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Going To Resign?

He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  But the salary he get is not enough.  So Boris Johnson is thinking of resigning.  He said that in a close circle.  At least that is what the various British media are claiming.  They claim that Boris can take a final decision on this by next spring.

At the moment, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris receives a salary of 150,402 pounds a year, in Indian currency, which is about Rs 1.5 crore.  But before he was sworn in as prime minister in July last year, he made much more money.  So it is known that he is thinking of going back to his old profession.

According to various media sources, before becoming the Prime Minister, he used to earn about 23,000 pounds a month just by writing in a newspaper, which is about 22 lakh rupees in Indian currency.  Apart from that, he also had a separate income by lecturing in different programs.  He even earned 160,000 pounds once a month, more than Rs 1.5 crore in Indian currency.

So it is known that Boris started thinking about resignation.  However, according to White Hall sources, Boris is not considering resigning.  He wants to wait until the Brexit process is completed.  At the same time, there are plans to bring the country out of the Corona situation.  So he wants to wait at least six more months.

 Asked about Boris’ resignation, an MP from the British Parliament said Boris was responsible for raising at least six children.  He also has to pay for their education.  Ex-wife Marina Wheeler also has to pay alimony.  He is struggling to handle everything with that salary.

 According to other MPs in the British Parliament, Boris is actually jealous of his predecessors Teresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair.  After resigning as Prime Minister, Teresa earned 1 million pounds per speech.  David Cameron earns 120,000 pounds per lecture, which is about 11.3 million in Indian currency.  Speaking and acting as a consultant, Tony Blair has already amassed a fortune of 22 million pounds.