Indian Diplomats Wrote An Open Letter To Justin Trudeau About The Peasant Protests

Justin Trudeau

 Twenty-two former diplomats have written an open letter criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks on peasant protests in India.

India has already reacted strongly in this regard.  The former diplomat said in a letter today that there was no real connection with Trudeau’s statement.  His remarks have exacerbated the problem in India.  Farmers have taken a more rigid position.  Canada has ignored the fact that the Indian government is holding ministerial meetings with farmers.  According to diplomats, Canada has consistently opposed the WTO’s approach to providing a minimum support price to farmers in India.  Now all of a sudden Indian farmers are showing pity.

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Former diplomats allege that some of Canada’s most important gurdwaras are controlled by Khalistan supporters, citing contacts between some Canadian politicians and Khalistan supporters living in the country.  They funded the ruling Liberal Party.  Organizations chanted anti-India slogans at public rallies, praising the militants.  Many Canadian politicians joined and supported Indian separatists.  The Canadian government is also not unaware of the Pakistani diplomats stationed in Canada with the Khalistanis.  Pakistani diplomats also joined the rally.  Under international law, no country can support terrorists.

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According to foreign ministry sources, India is trying to put indirect pressure on Canada through this group of former diplomats.

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