Donald Trump Or Joe Biden, Who Will Be The Next President Of America?

Donald Trump | Joe Biden

More than 24 hours have passed since the counting began.  But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.  However, with Wisconsin and Michigan winning, the momentum is heavily on Biden.

Joe Biden is hopeful that the people’s verdict will go in favor of the Democrats.  “Yesterday proved once again that democracy is the heartbeat of this country, just as it has been for the last two decades,” he said, referring to Kamala Harris, a vice-presidential candidate in Wilmington.  Despite the extreme situation, most people in American history have voted this year. ”

“After an overnight count, it is clear that we will get more votes than we need to reach the magic figure of 270.  I did not come to announce that we had won.  But I want to say one thing, when the count is over, we will win” Biden said.

According to various media reports in the country, Biden is currently leading with 253 electoral votes.  Trump has 214 votes.  Donald Trump has already raised questions about the vote count.  The body in charge of his election has gone to court demanding a new count.

Meanwhile, Biden has given a big push to Trump.  He has snatched Trump’s 2016 victories in Wisconsin and Michigan.  The agency responsible for Trump’s election has already gone to court in Michigan to demand a new recount.  They told the court that accurate information about the ballot in Michigan was not being provided.  With Wisconsin they are also reportedly preparing to walk the legal path.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are virtually on equal footing in the initial trends in the outcome of the US presidential election.  Democrat candidate Biden has so far won in Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware and Colorado, according to Reuters.  Democrats have also won in states such as Hawaii, Washington, California and Illinois, according to ANI.

Opposition Republicans have won in South Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Indiana, according to Reuters.  Iowa also got 3 electoral votes in favor of Trump.  However, at the start of the results announcement, Trump wrote on Twitter, “The whole country is moving really well.  Thank you all.

Final results are yet to come from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has set a new record for the number of votes counted so far.  He holds the highest ‘popular vote’ in American history.  In this case, the votes received by Barack Obama in 2008 have also been surpassed.

However, in many places, Trump has complained that voting is taking place even after the scheduled time.  He alleges that those voters are supporters of the Democrats.  At the same time, Trump has threatened to go to the Supreme Court.  Although the Biden camp has also said in retaliation, they are also ready to fight in court.

A total of 537 electoral college votes in America.  270 votes are needed to win.