China demands $ 38 million from Pakistan for dead workers | Read in details

China demands $ 38 million from Pakistan for dead workers

China recently demanded $38 million in compensation from Pakistan.Several Chinese engineers recently died in Pakistan. For Pakistan, the problem is that, if 38 million can be converted into Indian rupees, it stands at 290 crore rupees. And if it is converted into Pakistani rupees, it stands at Rs 660 crore.

This report was first published by a Pakistani media. Business Recorder, a popular outlet in Pakistan, writes: “China will resume their work as soon as the compensation is paid,” which means the Dasu hydropower project will be halted until Pakistan pays Rs 660 crore.

Even if any news is public inside Pakistan, it is not officially recognized. For example, when a bus exploded on its way to Dasu Dam, the Pakistani government said for a long time that it was not a bomb blast.The real truth comes when China puts a lot of pressure and says they will send a committee for inquiry. Pakistan admits it has been bombed.

A very large scale hydraulic power project, Dasu Hydro Power Project is being built by Chinese engineers in the Northdan area of Pakistan. Most of the engineers from China are building the whole dam. A lot of the time it happens that these type of dams are built across a large area. For which people have to travel from one place to another. A few days ago it happened that a group of Chinese engineers was traveling in a bus and was going towards Dasu Dam. A bomb blast inside the bus killed at least 13 people. Nine of them were Chinese engineers.

Initially Pakistan said it was not a bomb blast. Here the bus overturned and then there was a small blast. Not affiliated with any terrorist organization here. Next time China puts a lot of pressure. After which it has to be admitted that it was a bomb blast.Pakistan started saying that there is an intelligence agency in India – RAW. They carried out this blast by joining hands with the Pakistani Taliban. However, the Chinese government has not officially acknowledged this information.