Canadian Woman Arrested For Trying To Send Poisonus Envelope To Donald Trump

Donald Trump

 An attempt was made last week to send a suspicious packet to the White House, aimed at US President Donald Trump himself.  But the investigation began before the U.S. Postal Service sent the packet to the White House on suspicion.  The investigation found suspicious toxic ricin inside the envelope in the packet.  The Secret Service and FBI detectives  quickly resumed the investigation more deeply.  A Canadian woman has been arrested for allegedly sending the poison.  However, her name was not made public.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said last Saturday that the FBI had asked for their help in investigating the envelope filled with ricin.  U.S. intelligence initially suspected the envelope was sent from Canada.  The U.S. Postal Service also began investigating.  The Canadian citizen was probably taken into custody by the US police yesterday.  But the US intelligence agencies have kept their mouths shut about the investigation process.  It is not clear why the poison was sent to Trump.  The FBI said in a statement that one person had been arrested and the investigation was under way.

 Ricin made from castor bean is such a deadly poison that even the smallest part of it enters the human body and death is inevitable within 36 to 72 hours.  However, this is not the first time.  An attempt was also made to send ricin to Trump in 2016.  .