Breaking News : Chilli cultivation on the moon

Anisa Sultana | Kolkata | November 13, 2021 | Breaking News: This time chilli is also being cultivated on the moon |

chilli cultivation on space by NASA |
Image Credit | NASA/Twitter

Chili is essential in human diet. Later, when it comes to living on the moon, the issue of cultivation and production of necessary food also comes to mind. Scientists have been successful in cultivating chilli (chilli cultivation on the moon) thinking about the future of living on the moon. NASA announced the news on its own tweet page after the success of chilli cultivation.

The issue of chilli cultivation in space literally caused the chilli crisis through social media. However, through this, everyone has come to know about farming in space. Usually packaged dry food are sent to astronauts in the space station. But research on space farming has been going on since 2015. This is because in the near future, since humans are going to live on the moon and Mars as an alternative to Earth, people will have to stay there for more than a year. In order to meet the food needs of human beings in this long space journey, crops will have to be grown on the other planet and that requires extensive pre-preparation and extensive research. At present, people regularly live on the only international space station outside the Earth.

Chilli has recently been cultivated as Plant Habitat 04 Experiment. Not only chilli, ten types of vegetables have been cultivated on the International Space Station so far. Earlier, radish was cultivated in space as Plant Habitat 02 Experiment. It took two years at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to find a suitable cultivar of chilli. The chilli seeds were sent into space on June 3 last year. 48 seeds were sown. Out of them, four trees yielded. The first crop was harvested on October 30. This space-grown chilli is used to make Mexican food, taco.

Image Credit | NASA/Twitter

The question that may arise in your mind is why chilli was cultivated to have so much options? The reason for this is that the chilli tree is self-sufficient for pollination. That is why the fruit production of this tree is very easy. Chili has multiple nutritional properties, as well as fights germs in the body. The most essential vitamins C, E and K of our body are found in these raw chillies.
The most important thing is that chilli is a very suitable plant for successful cultivation in micro gravity. The success of this experiment is groundbreaking for future living in space or on another planet.

The experiments that the scientists have gained through this experiment will be used to cultivate the moon.