University Authorities Decided to Close Visva-Bharati Indefinitely

University authorities decided to close Visva-Bharati indefinitely.  The decision has been communicated to the Union Ministry of Education.

Thousands of people in the area vandalized the temporary office of the university in protest of the siege of the fair ground.  A gate of Visva-Bharati was also broken.  The foundation of the newly started wall is broken with JCB.  The angry mob stopped the construction work in front of the local grassroots leadership.  However, the governor tweeted that he was concerned about the law and order situation in Visva-Bharati.  He also tweeted that he had talked to the Chief Minister about this.  According to university sources, the authorities have decided to close Visva-Bharati indefinitely after this incident.

The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also spoke about Rabindranath Tagore in the context of that construction.  He said, ‚ÄúRabindranath created Visva-Visva-Bharati for teaching in natural environment.  I will say one thing, we should all see that the heritage of Bengal is not ruined, that the glory and heritage of Visva-Bharati remains intact. “In her words,” Construction does not mean that it enhances beauty always. ”

After all this, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar tweeted again on this day.  “I am deeply saddened by the violence and vandalism in Visva-Bharati and the failure of Mamata Banerjee to take timely action to stop it,” he wrote.  I have described the violence to the Chief Minister.  Police and administration were not seen at the scene.  “I urge everyone to keep the peace,” he wrote. “I have appealed to the president of the West Bengal Vice-Chancellor’s Council (WBVCC) to sit down for talks.”  The WBVCC has launched an unwarranted campaign to discredit the Governor and the Vice-Chancellor.  This behavior of the Vice-Chancellors is very indecent.  They should become the norm for the society and the youth. ”

Visva-Bharati authorities have questioned the absence of police during the vandalism and violence on the university premises on Monday.  The Assistant Registrar of Visva-Bharati issued a press release on Monday evening.  It is said that there are two police stations within the premises of Visva-Bharati University.  Even after that, no policeman was present during the riots.

It has been alleged that several lakhs of rupees worth of belongings of the university have been destroyed in this day’s violence.  The university has informed the whole matter to the Acharya and the Ministry of Education.  It has been decided to close the university until the situation returns to normal.  However, it has been informed that urgent activities like admission and examination will continue.  According to the university, the work was being done on the instructions of the National Green Tribunal.  At the same time, the university authorities said that the wall needs to be provided for the sake of security as per the advice of former governor MK Narayanan, the security advisor of various committees of the university.