BJP leader Tathagata Roy’s verdict against Saayoni Ghosh again

Tathagata Roy, Saayoni Ghosh

BJP leader Tathagata’s verdict against Saayoni Ghosh again. In a tweet on Monday, he drew attention to the issue of Shivling becoming the state president of the young Trinamool Congress. He questioned whether the Trinamool wanted to insult the Hindus by giving importance to Saayoni Ghosh.

In 2015, a graphic was shared from the Twitter handle of actress Saayoni Ghosh. A woman is wearing a condom. From the graphic, it is understood that the woman has been identified as the mascot of the AIDS awareness advertisement ‘Buladi’. Inside the graphic is written, ‘Buladi’s Shivaratri’. The caption of the post was, ‘God can’t be more effective than this’. Six years after that post, on January 16, Tathagata, a former governor of three northeastern states, lodged a complaint against Saayoni at the Rabindra Sarobar police station in Kolkata. In the complaint, he wrote, ‘I am a fan of Shiva. In 1996, I set out on foot for Kailash-Manas Sarobar to worship Shiva. Seeing this film of actress Saini Ghosh has hurt my religious feelings. My plea is that you should investigate this matter and take necessary steps against Saayoni Ghosh . ‘At that time, Saayoni said that her Twitter account was hacked in 2015. He deleted the post after seeing it. However, the controversy did not stop there. The BJP has repeatedly attacked Saayoni, a Trinamool candidate from Asansol South, over the issue in the Assembly elections.

Saayoni got the new responsibility last Saturday. In that context, Tathagata wrote on Twitter on Monday, ‘. Saayoni Ghosh has insulted Hindus like me, especially Shiva devotees, by wearing condoms in Shivling . What does Mamata want to say to the Hindus with respect to her? ‘I won the vote, I will do whatever I want this time. What can you helpless Hindus do? ’Abhishek attacked Tathagata in response to this tweet. “The BJP has said all this during the entire voting period,” he said. But the verdict of the people has said that communal politics does not work in Bengal. It doesn’t matter who tweeted what. “