Bengali Tea Shops Are Facing Huge Losses In Lockdown

Bengali Tea Shops Are Facing Huge Losses In Lockdown
tea stall at Ashokenagar, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

The addiction of tea with Bengali people is very intensive.  The tea shop hangout is famous not only in Bengali culture but all over India and even in several countries in South Asia.  Politics, literature and many more topics are discussed in tea shops. Many new ideas come from this tea shop. Even many couples are seen crowding the tea shops.

After the Corona epidemic, it goes without saying that the tea shop in Lockdown is not so crowded.  Tea shops were completely closed in the first phase of lockdown.  Although permission has been granted to open shops gradually, the number of people coming for tea is much less than before.  There is no chat environment.

Some tea shops are really worth seeing.  In these low-income countries, having LED TVs in tea shops is a bit surprising. However, the previous happy mood is no more.

But in the meantime, tea shop owners have begun to see hope.  According to some shopkeepers, the lockdown has been going on for almost six months now, and corona panic is no longer working among the people.  Gradually people started gathering in tea shops again.  However, they think that it will take some time for the environment to be created as before.