Actor Rudranil Ghosh Meets BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari

Rudranil Ghosh

It was already known that actor Rudranil Ghosh has been in touch with the BJP for a long time. He himself said he would make a decision by February. After meeting and discussing with BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari on Wednesday, Rudranil took another step in that direction. Although he says, “I have some professional work now. When they are done, I will think of active politics. ”

According to Rudranil, Shuvendu came to an actor’s birthday party in Haridebpur on Wednesday. That’s where the two meet and talk about politics. However, there was no closed-door meeting between them, everyone talked. In his words, “We have known each other for many years. 8-10 years of identity. That is the formula. He told me to start working a little bigger. You are a politician. In reply I said, I will take a decision in a few days. ”

Rudranil claimed that there was no talk with Shuvendu about joining the BJP on Wednesday. Earlier, Rudranil had spoken to state BJP observer Kailash Vijayavargiya and state vice-president of BJP Youth Front Shankudev Panda. Besides informing that, he told Anandabazar Digital on Thursday, “The Congress has also contacted me after knowing that I want to join active politics. A person close to the provincial president Adhir Chowdhury called. But I did not promise anything to anyone. I still have some political questions for myself. “

Although he did not hold any party post, Rudranil had close ties with the grassroots after coming to power in the state. After that he became the President of the Vocational Education Parliament. But in a recent conversation with the media, Rudranil made it clear that he is disgusted with the grassroots. He also said that all political parties are changing their normal character. He also said that he would go with those who think he is right. Though Rudranil has not yet made it clear that he is going to join the BJP, the actor’s relatives say that the decision has somehow matured. Now all that is left is the formal joining.