A Young Bridegroom Named Niladri Chakraborty Died On The Day Of The Marriage Reception

The groom died an unusual death on the morning of reception.  The body of 26-year-old Niladri Chakraborty was recovered from his house on Saturday morning.  The incident took place in Netajinagar police station area.  According to police sources, Niladri got married on December 10.  The party goes on at home with friends until late Friday night.  His body was recovered from the house on Saturday morning.

The house was full of smoke.  The initial guess of the police is that the young man fell asleep holding a cigarette.  From there, the pillow caught fire and somehow filled the house with smoke.  Investigators believe he died of suffocation in his sleep as he was unconscious after drinking with friends.  Niladri’s friends are also being interrogated.  Whether there is any other reason behind this is also being investigated.

According to family sources, Niladri’s father Nishith Chakraborty came to call his son on Saturday morning.  When he opened the door, he saw Niladri lying unconscious.  The house is filled with smoke.  He was immediately taken to a private hospital on the side of the bypass.  There the doctors pronounced him dead.  From there he was taken to Baghayatin State General Hospital.  He was later taken to Katapukur morgue for autopsy

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Initial investigation revealed that the young man was suffering from gastric ulcer.  He also had liver problems.  According to the preliminary autopsy report, he died due to excess carbon dioxide in his body.