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Many people are now choosing blogging and websites to make money online.  However, the first things you need to know about earning money from a website are:

1) You must first purchase a good, unique and easily remembered domain.

2) Choose a good web hosting and make the website popular through it.

Through this article I will discuss domain purchasing and web hosting in detail.

If you want to earn a living by creating a blogger or a news website, you must first think about purchasing a good domain and working there.  You can buy a good domain from or or in India.  When buying a domain you need to keep in mind that it is easy for everyone to remember.

Simply, hosting is a place on the Internet where you can store your information and maintain it from anywhere in the world.  Generally, we use hosting for one of our websites.  Because, we have to use hosting to show the text, images, other files, audio / video content of the website.  Without hosting, you cannot run a website on the Internet.,, all run on different hosting.  Depending on the size (MB / GB) and price of the hosting according to the web hosting company.

 There are different types of hosting.  Such as:

1) Shared hosting

2) V P S (Virtual private server)

3) Dedicated hosting (dedicated server)

4) Cloud hosting

If you are serious about your blog then it is better to give enough importance to web hosting.  If your web hosting company is slow and low quality then your blog traffic will decrease and so can your chances of earning money and ranking in Google search.  So a good quality hosting is needed to take your blog to the right place in the right way.  And with all this you need to write good articles.

Those who have created a free blog using Blogger can do so without having to take separate hosting.  But if you are thinking of creating a blog using WordPress better, then it is better to buy a good web hosting plan.

 Here are some web hosting companies:

Digital Ocean: The most popular web hosting company for this is Digital Ocean.  Digital Ocean provides our cloud based VPS web hosting.  This type of cloud based VPS is faster than web hosting than shared hosting.

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