Irregular Sunset: Five countries in the world where the sun does not set regularly for more than 80 days. Find out the details.

Anisa Sultana | Edited By Sudarsan Roy | Kolkata | December 21, 2021 |

Five countries in the world where the sun does not set regularly for more than 80 days | irregular sunset | beautiful sunset | |
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Irregular Sunset: Earth’s time is measured as 24 hours a day. Half night and half day. And people’s daily activities are conducted according to the time of day and night. But there are places on earth where the sun does not set for more than 80 consecutive days. Sometimes the people of that place also confuse the day and night calculations. Let’s find out about 5 such places in the world.

Irregular Sunset In Alaska: The sun does not set in this region from May to July. The sun does not set in this region for about 90 days, so this place is known as one of the ideal places for tourists.

Irregular Sunset In Norway: In Norway, the land of the midday sun, the sun can be seen everywhere for 7 consecutive days, about 20 hours every day.However, during the rest of the time, even if the brightness of the sun decreases, there is no change in the position of the sun, so the darkness of night never comes down here.

Irregular Sunset In Sweden: The part in the northern hemisphere of Sweden that is relatively much warmer. In this country, sunlight is seen during half of the year, i.e. about 6 months. June 21 In Sweden, the sun is always visible as a result of thet sun in the sky is farthest north in the Northern Hemisphere , also known as summer solstice.

Irregular Sunset In Iceland: Iceland is the second largest island in Europe, and one of its features is that the country is exposed to sunlight until May-July. The sun can be seen in this place 24 hours a day. The sun is especially visible on the two islands.

Irregular Sunset In Finland:Finland is a state located on the Baltic Sea off the continent of Europe. In this country surrounded by natural beauty, the sun can be seen in the sky for 73 consecutive days in summer. Due to the long days, the locals do not sleep at this time, but to get rid of this fatigue, they spend most of the time sleeping in winter.

The five places I have discussed, if you are a travel thirsty person, you can definitely visit these countries once.