Monami Ghosh: ‘Why didn’t you wear pants?’ 38-year-old Monami Ghosh was criticized by netizens

Sajal Pramanik | Malda | September 03, 2022 |

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Monami Ghosh | Image Source: Monami Ghosh's Instagram |

Monami Ghosh Bold Images: Recently popular actress Monami Ghosh has been the victim of bad comments from netizens for posting bold images on Instagram. Recently, she is at the top of the discussion by regularly posting bold pictures on social media. With exposed thighs and slim figure, 38-year-old Monami looks like a sixteen-year-old girl. As she has numerous fans on social media, netizens could not stop her from making bad comments.

People who work in the television industry try to maintain their glamour, because their beauty is what will sustain them in the industry, make them last. So no matter how old the stars of the television industry are, their real age do not seem very accurate! One such popular actress is Monami Ghosh, who has been in the television industry for over twenty years but still looks like a teenager. Even though she is near 40, she still looks like a girl in her twenties.

Monami Ghosh acted in many popular serials like Binni Dhaner Khai, Punyipukur etc. Her last serial on small screen is ‘Irravatir Chupkatha’ and her last work on big screen is ‘Bela Shuru’. Recently, she came on the stage of the reality show as a judge of Dance Dance Junior.

She can dance well and she can sing no less. We understand that she launched a music video of her own a few days ago. Recently Monami released a picture in which she looks very beautiful but some people started sarcasm about this picture.

Recently, Monami Ghosh posted a picture on Instagram where it can be seen that Monami is wearing a black dress. Her thai is exposed in the picture, seeing that picture, many people wrote that, Why did you not wear pants? Note that in this picture, it is seen that the actress is wearing gym shorts. But those who have the nature to speak, they will say!