Difference between Philosophical God and God of Religious Practitioner

Difference between Philosophical God and God of Religious Practitioner
Philosophical God

  Philosophical God:

From a philosophical point of view, what is meant by God is different from the views of Hindu-Muslim-Christian religious practitioner.  They are preoccupied with limiting the concept of God.  Looking at such orthodox Muslims here in south Asia, it seems that people of other religions have enmity with Allah.  God did not create them, His responsibility extends only to Muslims.  And those who have developed advanced ideas by applying more reasoning than followers in the scriptures of all religions are rather got atheist trademarks.

If Islam speaks of world brotherhood, then why is there a reference to the word ‘infidel’ or ‘kafer’?

If you read the Gita, according to Hindus all the sins can be washed away and you can go in a hurry towards Heaven. So easy?  Where is Heaven actually?  On Mars?

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A group of swindlers has deceived you, you are also enslaved!  Slavery has nothing to do with the concept of God.  Although there was a lot of beautiful practice of consciousness in India, Brahmanism has destroyed everything in one fell swoop and taken it back thousands of miles.

If there is anything, then there is reformation in the form of knowledge, in the form of consciousness.  He who is wise and prudent is to be liked by God.  If God exists, He must not like irrational donkeys.