Rahul Gandhi Named GST As ‘Gabbar Sing Tax’

Rahul Gandhi
“GST is not a tax system, it is an unjust attack on the poor people of India”-
Rahul Gandhi.

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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has sharply criticized the Modi government, calling GST a ‘Gabbar Singh tax’.  According to him, GST is not a tax system, but it has come down as a curse on poor Indians.

In a video released on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi sharply criticized the central government for formulating GST. “One of the major reasons for the historic decline in the country’s GDP is the Modi government’s Gabbar Singh Tax (GST),” he wrote.  “As a result, the country has suffered a lot.  Millions of small businesses have suffered.  Billions of people have lost their jobs.  The future of the youth has become uncertain.  The financial condition of the states has deteriorated.  GST means financial ruin. ”

Rahul claimed that the previous UPA government had introduced GST to reduce the tax burden on the people and introduce a single simple tax system across the country.  But in the hands of the Modi government, it takes on a complex shape.  Small and medium traders are trapped in different rates.  Rahul’s question is, “Why keep different rates?”  The government has set four different rates for this, so that those who have the power can change as they wish.  And those who do not have the power, they can not do anything about it.  Only 15-20 industrialists of the country have this power.  The tax law can be amended as they wish.

  He mentioned that GST has failed miserably.  “It is not just a failure of the government, it is a sharp attack on the country’s poor, small and medium enterprises,” he said.  GST is not a tax system, it is a blow to poor Indians.  Small shopkeepers, small and medium businesses, farmers and workers have been attacked.  We all have to stand up against it. ”

Former Union Finance Minister and veteran Congress leader P Chidambaram also made a number of recommendations to the Modi government to come out of the economic crisis.  “If the economy is to turn around, demand needs to increase,” he said.  For that, money has to be handed over to the poorest 50 percent of the country’s families.  Families need to be provided with free food grains, from which those in need will take.  More money needs to be invested in infrastructure projects.  The food grains stored in public projects need to be handed over to the workers as remuneration.  We need to increase the capital of banks to enable them to lend.  Chidambaram also suggested that the government should lend money if necessary.

 Earlier, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the GST deficit in the Corona period was huge.  The center has no money.  So it is not possible to pay compensation.  In such a situation, he advised the states to borrow money from the Reserve Bank.  But West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Bijayan argued that the Center should take steps to repay the debt without imposing a debt burden on the states.

See Rahul Gandhi’s Video:

GDP में ऐतिहासिक गिरावट का एक और बड़ा कारण है- मोदी सरकार का गब्बर सिंह टैक्स (GST)।

इससे बहुत कुछ बर्बाद हुआ जैसे-
▪️लाखों छोटे व्यापार
▪️करोड़ों नौकरियाँ और युवाओं का भविष्य
▪️राज्यों की आर्थिक स्थिति।

GST मतलब आर्थिक सर्वनाश।

अधिक जानने के लिए मेरा वीडियो देखें। pic.twitter.com/QdD3HMEqBy

— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) September 6, 2020