Kim Jong-un | Dead or in a Coma

Kim Jong-un and his sister Kim Yeo-jong

Kim Jong-un is very popular among the youth of the Indian subcontinent.  Kim Jong-un’s name also came up in jokes while talking about different issues at different times.

But at the moment there is a lot of speculation about whether he is alive or dead.  A South Korean diplomat, Chang Sung-min, told the media that Kim was alive but had been in a coma for several months.  Kim Yeo-jong, Kim’s sister, is now the second most powerful in the country. On the other hand, a journalist named Roy Kale claimed that Kim is dead.

Everything in North Korea is kept so secret that even the people of the country do not know the truth.

There was an uproar around the world when it was reported that Kim had gone into a coma a few months ago.  North Korea’s state-run media then showed some pictures of Kim, claiming that nothing had happened to him.  But the 36-year-old dictator has not been seen in public since April.

There have been reports of his death in the last few months.  Spread in April, Pyongyang’s ruler fell seriously ill after failing heart surgery.  Rumors were rife that a ‘fake’ video of his death had been leaked.  Kim’s absence from the birthday celebrations of Kim Jong-un’s late grandfather and former North Korean leader Kim Jong-un added fuel to the speculation.  But the North Korean administration has never commented openly.  North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA claimed that Kim had traveled to Sanchez, near the capital Pyongyang, on May Day.  He inaugurated a fertilizer factory there.