Journalist Arnab Goswami Gets Interim Bail From Supreme Court In Abetment To Suicide Case

Journalist Arnab Goswami

 Journalist Arnab Goswami was granted bail a week later in a case of incitement to suicide.  The Supreme Court on Wednesday granted him interim bail.  Not only Arnab, but the other two accused in the case have also been granted bail by the supreme court.  Arnab has been ordered to be released immediately.

A man named Anbay Naik committed suicide in 2018 after not receiving money from Arnab and two other people.  He also mentioned everyone’s names in the suicide note.  Arnab and two others were charged with incitement to suicide.  After initially closing the case for lack of evidence, the case was reopened this year.  Police arrested Arnab and two other accused on November 4.

Earlier, Arnab had filed a bail application in the Bombay High Court.  When the application was rejected, he approached the Supreme Court.  His bail was granted there on Wednesday morning.  If the lower court had been given the responsibility to determine the terms of bail, it would have taken more time.  The apex court granted bail to Arnab on a personal bond of Rs 50,000.

A division bench of Justices D.Y. Chandrachud and Indira Banerjee was hearing Arnab’s bail on the day.  Addressing the Taloja jail authorities and the commissioner, the court said it did not want Arnab’s release to be delayed by two days.  So his bail has been granted on a personal bond.  He must be released immediately.

“I don’t watch Arnab’s channel,” Justice Chandrachud said.  Our ideology may be different, but the Constitutional Court must come down to protect its uniqueness.  Otherwise, we will go on the path of gradual destruction. ”

Lawyer Harish Salve was questioning the court on behalf of Arnab.  He asked, “Is Arnab a terrorist?”  Are there any murder charges against him?  Why isn’t he being granted bail? ”

Based on that source, Justice Chandrachud raised the question, if someone commits suicide due to debt without getting a loan from anyone, who should be considered as inciting suicide at all.  “Wouldn’t it be unfair not to grant bail to Arnab in this case?” Said Justice Chandrachud.

At the same time, Justice Chandrachud also took the Maharashtra government by one hand. “Before targeting a person, the state should understand that the Supreme Court is there to protect the rights of citizens,” he said. I will also tell the high courts of different states to try to protect personal freedom from the jurisdiction of the law. ”