In His Autobiography ‘A Promised Land’, Barack Obama Praised Indian Culture

He has a special place for India in his heart, wrote former US President Barack Obama in his autobiography.  He wrote that he spent his childhood in Indonesia, where he regularly listened to the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.  From then on, he developed an interest in Indian culture.

“India is one-sixth of the world’s population,” Obama wrote.  There are two thousand communities here.  The people of India speak more than 700 languages. ”Obama wrote that he had never set foot in India before coming to power in 2010.  But this country was a big place in the world of his imagination.

How did Obama get acquainted with Indian culture?  He wrote, “I knew the Indian Hindu tradition from my childhood when I was in Indonesia.  Ever since then I have heard two epic poems of India, Ramayana and Mahabharata.  I listened to all this with my mind because I was interested in the religion of the Eastern Hemisphere. ”

Not only that, Obama has been familiar with everything from Indian food to Indian cinema for a long time.  “Because of a group of Pakistani and Indian friends in college, I learned to cook pulses and minced meat, listening to Bollywood songs,” he wrote.

In his autobiography, Obama begins his 2008 election campaign with the end of his first term and the death of Bin Laden.  In the second volume, he will write about the next stage.  The first piece came on the market last Tuesday.