Former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s Physical Condition Has Improved Slightly

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee



Former Chief Minister Budhadeb Bhattacharya’s physical condition has improved slightly. He regained consciousness late Wednesday night. However, the crisis is not over yet. The former chief minister is being treated at a private hospital in South Kolkata. An 11-member medical team has been formed for his treatment. Other parts of his body were stable, hospital sources said Thursday morning.

Buddhadeb has been suffering from COPD for a long time. He was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday with respiratory problems. He had no knowledge then. He was initially placed on bipap support. Given at night on ventilation. In a medical bulletin on Thursday morning, hospital authorities said he would be kept on ventilation for the time being. However, doctors will try to gradually reduce the ventilation support. For now, he has been put to sleep. Feeding with Riles tube. However, he is responding to treatment. Consciousness has returned.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to the hospital after receiving news of the deteriorating health of the former chief minister. She said the state government is by the side of Buddhadeb’s family. She also spoke to Buddha’s wife Meera Bhattacharya and daughter Suchetana.

However, after examining the criteria of multiple aspects of Buddha’s body, the doctors are as worried as they are, and they are also deeply concerned about a number of issues. Doctors worried about the levels of potassium and white blood cells in his blood. On the other hand, oxygen levels have improved somewhat. The amount of carbon dioxide has also decreased significantly.

At the time of hospitalization on Wednesday, Buddha’s oxygen saturation was close to 70 percent. That level is hovering between 92 and 95 on Thursday. This level is normal if it is close to 100 percent. Carbon dioxide levels are also under control. Other criteria are stable.

Doctors also said that Buddha’s carbon dioxide levels were under control. They also said that the situation has improved over the admission period. Blood pressure, heart rate and other respiratory parameters are stable. Other tests, including blood tests, found no defects.