Black Fungus and Mucormycosis

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Experts say Mucormycosis is a rare infection. The infection occurs when you come in contact with a fungus called mucor. The fungus is commonly found in soil, plants, perishable fruits and vegetables. Experts believe that it can be found anywhere in the environment. But even though Corona is cured, the immune system of many of them reaches the bottom. That’s when this kind of fungus settles in the body. In addition, patients who have been in the ICU for long periods of time and who have uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to have this type of infection in their body. The central and state governments of India have also used the term Mucormycosis in guidelines or letters.

Doctors say the initial symptoms of the disease are infections of the nose, eyes and brain. Initially, pain in one side of the mouth, loss of vision or ‘double vision’ are the symptoms of this disease. In addition, nasal congestion, black or brown runny nose can be a symptom of this disease. In addition, myocardial infarction can infect multiple organs, including the lungs. If treatment is not started immediately, the consequences can be fatal.

Experts say doctors should be consulted as soon as the initial symptoms, including nasal congestion and black or brown runny nose, appear. Experts believe that any kind of disaster can be easily prevented if the treatment is started at an early stage. According to them, mucormycosis infarction is more dangerous than black fungus in a corona patient. Blank fungus can be prevented with simple immunity. However, it is not possible to say now what will happen in the future, the doctors said.