BJP’s All-India President J.P. Nadda Is Coronavirus Positive

BJP's All-India President J.P. Nadda

BJP’s All-India President J.P. Nadda Is Coronavirus Positive


On Sunday, BJP all-India president J.  P.  Nadda’s Corona test report came positive.  He is currently in solitary confinement following a hygienic procedure.  The result has been positive. “I am currently in seclusion following the hygiene rules.  I am consulting doctors.” Nadda Said

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 JP Nadda has just returned from a tour of West Bengal.  He had multiple programs on state tour.  State politics is still hot enough with the attack on his convoy.  He returned from a tour last Thursday.  When he returned, he was attacked by JP Nadda.  “Anyone who comes in contact with me should consult a doctor immediately,” he tweeted.

 Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah was attacked by Corona.  He had to be hospitalized more than once in several days.  Corona was also attacked by BJP state president Dilip Ghosh.  Naddar’s name has been added to that list.