Accompanied By Suvendu Adhikari, Home Minister Amit Shah Sharply Criticized Mamata Banerjee

Amit Shah, Suvendu Adhikari

 Accompanied By Suvendu Adhikari, Home Minister Amit Shah Sharply Criticized Mamata Banerjee

The Union Home Minister termed the Trinamool Party as a corrupt party. In addition to Shuvendu, a swarm of Trinamool, Congress and Left MLAs, former MPs and leaders joined the BJP on Saturday. Amit sneered, targeting Mamata Banerjee, “You will be alone in the ‘Trinamul Congress’ party when the polls come.”


After resigning as MLA and then leaving the Trinamool, there was speculation as to when Shuvendu Adhikari would join the BJP. That speculation ended on Friday. His formalities were finally completed on Saturday afternoon. Shuvendu took the purple flag in his hand. And from that meeting, Amit Shah fired one cannon after another against Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee for corruption and nepotism.

A total of 10 MLAs have joined the BJP in the meeting in Medinipur. Of these, 6 are from the Trinamool Congress, 2 from the Left and 1 from the Congress. Apart from this, leaders like Sunil Mandal, an MP from East Burdwan, Dasharath Tirke, a former MP from Alipuduar, and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, a former minister of state, have also left the grass and joined the lotus. “This is just the beginning,” Amit told Mamata. There is much more left. Until the vote, you will be alone in the grassroots. ”


After Ampan, he visited the state and promised to pay Rs 10,000 crore for relief and rehabilitation. He also said that he would pay the money immediately. But allegations of corruption in the distribution of relief money were raised against the grassroots. The High Court recently directed the CAG to investigate whether there was any corruption in Ampan’s money. Amit once lashed out at the Trinamool leader, saying, “Once upon a time, Trinamool activists came to the Trinamool with the slogan ‘Maa Mati Manush’.” But Didi, you have turned that slogan into a slogan of tolabaji, a slogan of nepotism. Ampan’s money has been eaten by your team. Now the High Court is directing to look into whether there was corruption in that money. “Amit’s question is,” Is there anything more shameful than this? ”

Amit was also vocal about the non-implementation of central projects like ‘Ayushman Bharat’ and ‘Prime Minister’s Farmers’ Respect Fund’ in the state. He raised the question, “Why the farmers’ project was not launched in Bengal. Do the poor people of this state do not want to get money from the center? Didi, you have to answer. ”

Calling on the BJP to give it a chance to rule the state, Amit said, “You have given the Congress three decades. He allowed the Left to rule for 34 years. And gave 10 years to Didi. Give us a chance for 5 years. We will make Bengal a golden Bengal. “