Mood swings: The term “mood swings” is very familiar. But why does the mood swing?

Mood swings: The term
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Mood swings: The word ‘mood swing’ is very familiar to everyone. But why is the mood swing or what is this issue? Mood swings are the feeling of being suddenly angry or sad or feeling happy again without any reason. However, no action is like that without a reason. There are several reasons for this. Let’s find out.

Possible causes for mood swings: There are several possible causes for mood swings. According to many experts, hormonal effects, malnutrition, mental fatigue, and many more factors are responsible for this mood swing.
Although I don’t seem to understand these reasons, mood swings happen for a variety of reasons.

The first cause of mood swings is said to be the effects of various hormones. Hormones that influence sleep patterns, moods, memories, emotions, interest in learning new things, and skills. Mood swings are caused by the secretion of these hormones.

Stress: Sometimes Mood swings are caused due to stress. Just as the level of thought in each of our minds is different, so is the ability to put pressure on the mind. Individuals are able to take different pressure on different things. Every human being has to play a different role in our life cycle, worldly life, job, or career life. And at these different times, all these things gradually create stress. And because of this stress, the mood swing starts.

Depression: Depression is one of the causes of mood swings.
And this exhaustion comes from stress. Exhaustion gradually surrounds when the stress exceeds the tolerance limit. Then the mood swing begins. And at that time it is seen that sometimes you are getting very sad and sometimes you are getting very angry. But no such feeling lasts long, it changes.

Anxiety: Mood swings are not uncommon due to instability or Anxiety. Instability can be of many kinds. Some are restless on the outside and some are very stable on the outside, but they are very restless on the inside. People become restless while thinking about common minor issues. Even then, the tendency of mood swings can be seen in him.

Premenstrual syndrome: This tendency of mood swings can be noticed in most women during premenstrual syndrome. This problem is mainly seen in the pre-menstrual cycle of women. During this time hormonal secretions vary which leads to mood swings.
However, the tendency of this mood swing is cut off after the onset of periods or after the end of someone’s periods.

Menopause: This problem also becomes severe during menopause. Most women experience mood swings when menopause occurs, as well as before menopause. However, it is different for different women. Many people suffer from mental depression at this time, again there are many people who have a very fast mood swing. However, if the amount of depression is increasing, it is important to consult a doctor.

Work pressure: Many people are suffering from mood swings due to work pressure. It is often seen that the stress of office work or the work stress of private business is making people more exhausted. Problems like mood swings are being created from this exhaustion.

Excessive use of computers and mobile: Excessive use of computers and mobile is causing mental fatigue in people of any age from teenagers. In the current situation, it is seen that most of the people are doing office online. And this time they are becoming one by one instrument. As if one has gone to another world. In this way, day after day, as a result of using an extra mobile computer, their family life, that is, peace of mind and mood swings are being affected.

There is also a growing tendency among young children to spend time with their mobile phones, which can lead to fatigue and mood swings. No children are talking to anyone at home and suddenly they are behaving indecently and causing trouble. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. If this happens, again and again, it is important to consult a doctor.

Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep is another reason for mood swings. If you do not sleep for a long time due to work, family problems, and various other reasons, the problem of mood swings is seen naturally. Fatigue will come from not being able to sleep and your mood will change frequently.

Many people use drugs to relieve stress and depression. Alcohol or drugs cause a change in you immediately, your nerves are stimulated. As a result, an artificial love begins to form in you. But once the drug addiction is over, you can see the problem of mood swings again. As a result, problems like this mood swing will gradually become your partner.

Pregnancy: Different hormones are secreted during pregnancy, which increases the tendency of women to have mood swings during this time.

Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is a major cause of mood swings. This bipolar disorder is seen in many people. And between them usually comes a phase. That’s when they get deadly energy.

Suddenly the development of various talents can be seen. This is the time when someone starts drawing, there is a tendency to create or break something new, to destroy it. Again, they do something that they do not usually do in a healthy state. In spite of all this, they do not understand their problems and think that they are healthy normal people. Mood swings can also be caused by such mental problems.

Learn how to control mood swings:

Adequate sleep is one of the first things you need to do to control your mood swings. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a day is very important to get rid of this problem. This is because lack of sleep causes neurological problems and can also lead to mood swings.

Drink plenty of water every day. Besides, you have to make a habit of eating fruits regularly.

Do regular yoga. To keep one’s body fit, to do pranayama. Practicing meditation.

Exercise for 15-20 minutes at a certain time of the day. It can be swimming, cycling or any exercise of your choice. As a result, the body gets much more normal energy. Which keeps your mind well.

• Take care of the body, take care of the mind? In this case, it is very important to take care of the mind. If you have a hobby, be it gardening or any other good thing that you like to do. Go for a walk sometimes. Tell the story. Listen to good songs. Or you can get up in the morning and do a morning walk. Fresh energy is available. It makes the mind feel good.

Make some changes to your diet. Stop eating processed foods. Instead, eat light meals made at home. In addition to adding protein to the diet, be careful not to overdo it. Make sure you include a variety of fruits, raw nuts, and various sprouts in your daily diet.

• Read books. To keep a good mind, practice reading books. Start this habit by reading small books. Get into the habit of reading detective stories, comics, or fairy tales. The mind is quite happy.

In case of excessive mood swings, you must consult a doctor. Counseling makes the mind a lot lighter. And the control is to be upset or to feel good or something else, mood swings.

Mood swings are a mental illness. It’s not something to hide. In the current situation, many people suffer from this problem. So if you notice a change in your mind again and again without thinking about anything, you must consult a doctor.

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Mayuri Chatterjee