How to do pedicure at home

How to do pedicure at home

Every part of our body puts the most pressure on the feet. So it is more important to take care of the feet. After carrying the weight of the whole body, our feet also need a little rest. Is it okay to go to the parlor in coronavirus pandamic ? You can take care of your feet in the most accessible way at home, you can do pedicure. Find out what you need and how to take care of it. You will find everything you need in the city store. Or you can buy them online.

Materials :-

1) Cleanser

2) Scrubber

3) Moisturizer

4) Cuticle oil

5) Cuticle pusher

6) Nail clippers

7) Your favorite nail polish

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. 8) Nail polish coat

9) Nail polish remover


Method :-

1) If there is a slight nail polish in the toenails, it should be removed with a nail polish remover.

2) This time, dip your feet well in warm water mixed with baby shampoo in a container.

3) Cut the nails to your desired shape with nail clippers.

4) Wash your feet thoroughly with a foot cleanser. And rub the skin of the feet well with a scrubber. This will clean the soles of the feet and remove dead skin.

5) To take care of the cuticles, clean them thoroughly with cuticle oil and cuticle pusher.

6)Then apply the nail polish of your favorite color on the nails. Put nail polish coat on it.

This way you can easily do a pedicure at home.