How Can Asthma Patients Stay Well?

How Can Asthma Patients Stay Well?

  How Can Asthma Patients Stay Well?


Patients with asthma and COPD have to be vigilant throughout the year.  However, in winter, such patients need to be a little more careful.  Because the temperature of the environment decreases in winter.  Humidity also decreases.  The level of dust in the air increases.  In addition, fog and mist formed by the shelter of smoke and dust can be seen forming.  All in all, dust, smoke, fog, fog are all toxic to asthma and COPD patients.  The question is why poison?  To know the answer to that question, you need to know about asthma and COPD separately.

  What is asthma?

 Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways.  Inflammation of the airways can occur in two ways.  There are some substances that become inflamed as soon as they enter the airways and lungs through the air.  Some of these substances irritate the airways.  Again, some objects have an allergic relationship with the airways!

 Inflammation begins as soon as these allergens enter the airways.  This type of allergy is commonly seen in asthma.  When inflammation begins, the muscles in the airways contract and become narrower.  The trachea begins to produce large amounts of mucus that blocks the airways.  As a result, it becomes difficult to breathe.

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 Wheezing  May sound like a flute.  Chest pressure.  Some people have a severe cough.  Some people have a cough at night and at dawn.  He started having shortness of breath.

 Why is that?

 If a person has an asthma gene and lives in an environment conducive to the activation of that gene, his or her risk of developing asthma increases.

 If there is a history of this disease in the family, there is a risk of this disease in the next generation as well.

 Dust, smoke, deodorant, perfume, animal fur, lice, flower pollen, grass, various foods can cause respiratory allergies in some people.  One of the symptoms of this allergy is cough and shortness of breath.  Of course, it is not possible to say in advance who has an allergy to something.

 Some people have shortness of breath from cigarette smoke.  This smoke directly stimulates the airways.

 In some cases, asthma can be caused by aspirin, painkillers, or even beta-blockers.  This is not the end.  Some virus attacks also cause allergic reactions in the airways and shortness of breath.

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 Asthma problems can start at a very young age.  So regardless of age, the patient should be taken to a physician as soon as the above mentioned symptoms are seen.  The doctor initially allows the patient to have a few simple tests.  These include spirometry, chest X-rays, and blood tests to find out if you have eosinophils.  The patient may then need to have an IgE (immunoglobulin E) test to determine if they have an allergy.  Physicians try to understand by tests whether the allergy is responsible for the patient’s shortness of breath or some other cause.  If the allergy is responsible, the doctor also tries to understand exactly what substance the patient is allergic to.  In this context, it is known that asthma can be of two types — allergic and non-allergic.  So it is very important to understand what kind of asthma the patient has.


 The doctor tries to understand exactly what kind of medicine will benefit the patient.  The patient is given a bronchodilator to open the constricted airway.  Sometimes the patient may need to be given a special type of steroid with the help of an inhaler.


 Do not stay in a closed room.  You have to live in a house where the wind blows and the sun enters.  The house needs to be cleaned every day.

 It is better not to keep carpet in the house of asthma patient.  In addition, asthma patients should not be allowed to use old books and old clothes.

 Asthma patients should avoid places where there are parthenium trees.  Because in the case of all the patients who are allergic to flower pollen.

 There are some inhalers that prevent disease.  The patient should use this type of immunosuppressive inhaler.

 It is best not to keep hairy pets in the home of an asthma patient.  Even if he has a pet, he should take regular bath or keep clean.


Asthma patients should be kept under the supervision of a regular physician.  Because chronic asthma patients are at risk of sudden heart failure.

What is COPD?

 The whole point is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Like asthma, COPD is an inflammatory disease of the airways.

 As you breathe in, the air enters the small airways or bronchi through the airways.  Associated with the bronchiole are various small sacs or alveolas.  Blood collects essential oxygen from these sacs.  With COPD, the large and small airways constrict and narrow.  A lot of mucus is made.  As a result, the patient may cough a lot.  The disease also damages the walls of the alveoli.  As a result many alveoluses break down and transform into an alveolus.  As a result, the functional surface of the alveoli decreases.  Problems with gas transfer or so-called oxygen entering the body and carbon dioxide problems.  In some COPD patients, both narrowing of the airways and damage to the alveolar wall are seen.


Often the patient coughs and sneezes.

 Cough with phlegm.

 Flute-like sounds may come out while breathing.

COPD patients suffer from shortness of breath while walking.  As the disease progresses, the patient’s breathing problems are increasing with a little walking!  The problem is, most patients find it better to rest than to see a doctor.  As a result, the disease continues to increase day by day.


 After living in an air-polluted area for a long time, smoking cigarettes and bidis slowly starts COPD.  In addition, COPD can occur if the wood-coal stove is close to the smoke source for a long time.


 Initially, lung function test, chest X-ray, the disease is caught.  The Long Function Test consists mainly of spirometry.  In this test the patient is asked to blow loudly into a tube.  This test shows how much air the lungs can hold and how much air they can expel at a given time.  Often the patient may need to look at the diffusion capacity (ability to transfer gas from the alveoli to the bloodstream).  COPD also causes heart problems.  Therefore the patient may need to undergo echocardiography.


 Attempts are made to control the progression of the disease through treatment.  There is also treatment with bronchodilators.  Patients need to use inhalers regularly.  Sometimes the patient may need to be given steroids in special circumstances.  In some cases, the patient has to be given oxygen continuously for a long time.

 Remember, COPD patients may also have other complex physical problems.  Such physical problems also need to be treated.  All in all, the patient’s COPD is under control if we look at the overall well-being.

 COPD Rehabilitation:

 This procedure changes the patient’s lifestyle.  The patient is also asked to do some respiratory exercise habits.  In addition, the patient’s phlegm is also tried to keep him well.  In general, nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy, inhalers, occupational therapy are tried to keep the patient healthy.

 Physicians and researchers are constantly working to keep asthma and COPD patients healthy.  Already several new drugs have been discovered through which the patient is going to be treated better.  Hopefully, in the future, with the help of better medicines, the patient can be kept better, and even the progression of the disease can be stopped!

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