Foot Fetish: The main attraction where is the woman’s feet

Foot Fetish: The main attraction where the woman's feet
Foot Fetish:

Foot Fetish: Foot Attraction or Foot fetish is for those who are physically attracted to the feet of girls. It varies from person to person. Some may be excited to see the toes, while others may have small feet. Many people are fascinated by foot ornaments like anklets, foot rings, nail art. Again, many are attracted to slippers. Many people feel a physical attraction even after massaging their feet.

Foot fetish lovers keep pictures of girls’ feet in their collection. Many of the shoe store salesmen may also have a foot fetish. Everything I wrote before was obtained from various data on the Internet. But there is no way to understand what is in someone’s mind. Many shoe salesmen are very interested in wearing shoes. If you search with foot fetish, some porn sites also come up.

This foot fetish is but a very mainstream fetish. Not that fewer people have it. Most men are attracted to the feet of girls. Some are short, but some have serious foot fetishes. It is very easy to understand. Just look at a picture of a girl’s feet on Facebook rather than a straight picture; Like will read more.

The reason for writing these words is that many girls may think, I just gave a little picture of the feet, but they do not know how horrible it can be. The attraction towards beautiful sandals has always been there.

Ballerina shoes or sneakers go well with modest dresses. Looks pretty smart. Another advantage of wearing sneakers is that those who do not want to wear socks cover their feet even if they wear sneakers.

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