Effective yoga to control irregular menstruation

Effective yoga to control irregular menstruation
Effective yoga to control irregular menstruation.

Nowadays most of the young girls and adult women are suffering from irregular menstruation. Extending work hours or the extra workload of the day at home creates a tremendous amount of stress, leaving both body and mind tired. The extra burden of adapting to each task according to the New Normal Lifestyle to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease and alleviate the infection; Unfortunately it is negatively affecting physical well-being, mental well-being and hormonal processes. It inevitably affects a key function in the female reproductive system, resulting in irregular menstruation in women.

Menstruation or menstrual cycle in women is the medical term for the process of involving the endometrium through vaginal bleeding of the lining of the uterus. The average interval between each period is usually 28 days and there are minor time changes for each woman. However, gynecologists in India and other countries around the world are currently raising concerns about irregular menstruation among women.

Irregular menstrual cycles can occur after a break of more than 35 days. It is a common occurrence in adolescents during adolescence, middle-aged women over the age of 45 go through menopause. However, irregular menstruation is quite harmful to the health of young and adult women in the first half of the 21st century and requires proper treatment and care.

Although some medicines in modern times help to normalize hormonal processes in the body, yoga is an ancient natural physical practice that increases fertility and regulates the menstrual cycle. Stable posture, flexible movements and breathing techniques work for overall well-being. Yoga is a proven useful practice that instantly relieves physical and emotional stress, relaxes the body, calms the mind and activates reproductive activities in women. There are some amazing yoga poses that synchronize menstrual periods and ensure women’s well-being.

Here are some yoga poses to deal with irregular menstruation and maintain hormonal balance:



Lie flat on the ground behind you. Bend both legs (knees, thighs should be touching the floor) in a cross-legged position. Inhale and lift your upper body, then bend your head from your shoulders and touch the floor. Hold this pose for a few minutes, then exhale and relax the shoulders.

2. Dhanurasana


Lie on the floor with your stomach touching the floor. Now breathe slowly. Hold your ankles with your hands and lift your legs. The weight of the whole body rests on the abdomen. After staying like this for 20 seconds, lie down on your back again. As a result of this yoga, the genitals are straightened, abdominal fat is shed and the spine is straightened. The body in this seat looks like a bow.



Sit on your knees. Shoulders and knees should be parallel. Now move the body backwards and hold the ankle. Slowly bend the whole body, including the head. Hold for 25 seconds and return to the previous position. You can do this asana to reduce abdominal pain and reduce the problem of irregular menstruation.



Lie on your back. Then bring the legs together. Keep the palms of the hands straight and close to the mouth. Now lift the upper part of the body by breathing slowly with the weight on the palm of the hand. Now extend the neck as much as possible. Leave a few minutes and go back to the previous position. This yoga is very useful for the genitals of the body. It also helps increase blood circulation.

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