Anti-Aging: Follow the four rules to retain youth

Anti-Aging: Follow the four rules to retain youth

Changed climate, excess pollution has already affected our skin quite a bit. Even a few years ago, the problem of skin aging at a young age was not very common. But now in many cases the skin is getting old prematurely. As a result, the impression of old age is appearing without asking. According to the laws of nature, aging will come one day, but in this case it does not follow the calculation of time! You may be surprised to learn that your own habits can keep premature aging away. Find out what to do to avoid this premature aging.

Beware of the sun

The quickest way to get the impression of your skin age is to sunbathe. So keep an umbrella, hat, goggles with you in the sun. Wear body-covered clothes. And of course don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30. If there is sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen even on a cloudy day.

Adequate sleep is required

Not sleeping well at night? On the skin but forced to read the impression of age. This is because the blood circulation in the skin increases during sleep, which protects the skin from wrinkles. So sleep 8-9 hours every day. Less sleep leads to stress and anxiety, which can soon lead to aging.

Eat nutritious food

Include foods in your daily diet that are high in antioxidants. This is because foods rich in anti-oxidants make the skin supple and easily prevent the problem of premature aging. Put bell peppers, broccoli, carrots and greens in the leaves. And Rose eats at least any fruit like vedana, blueberry, avocado. You can eat green tea at least once a day.

Keep the skin moist

After an age, it is important to moisturize the skin according to the daily rules. Because when you apply moisturizer on the face, the skin is much more moist and fresh. The problem of wrinkles also decreases. However, before buying a moisturizer, make sure that it contains vitamin C or vitamin A.