Shaoli Mitra | Everyone’s favorite theatre personality Shaoli Mitra has passed away

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Shaoli Mitra Passed Away: Everyone's favorite theatre personality Shaoli Mitra has passed away
Shaoli Mitra

Shaoli Mitra: Prominent theatre personality Shaoli Mitra has died. Shaoli Mitra was the daughter of famous theatre couple Shambhu Mitra and Tripti Mitra. She was 74 years old at the time of her death. According to her last wish, the last rites were performed at the Siriti crematorium.

As soon as the news of Saholi Mitra’s death spread, there was a shadow of mourning in the cultural world. Shaoli Mitra is a prominent name not only in Bengal but in the cultural circles of the whole country. Her death marked the end of a colorful era.

The late theatre personality, playwright Shambhu Mitra and Tripti Mitra’s daughter Shanoli Mitra were ill for a long time. She played the role of ‘Bangabala’ in Ritwik Ghatak’s ‘Yukti Takko Ar Gappo’. She has also signed his acting talent in numerous plays. Notable among them are ‘Bitata Bitangsh’, ‘Nathvati Anathavatvah’, ‘Putulkhela’, ‘Hayabaral’, ‘Pakhi’, ‘Galileor Jibon’, ‘Dakghar’,.

Shaoli Mitra received the Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 2003. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2009. In 2012, she received the Bangabibhushan honor for her lifelong contribution to acting.

Shaoli Mitra was a Bengali theater and film actress. In 2011, she was the chairperson of the Rabindra Sardhashat Birth Anniversary Celebration Society.

During the Singur-Nandigram movement, Shaoli Mitra was one of the leaders of the change movement. After the resignation of Mahasweta Devi in ​​2012, the responsibility of ‘Bangla Academy’ was given to her. Shaoli Mitra wrote a letter to the Chief Minister in December 2016 seeking her resignation. After that, the government started to keep her in that post. Shaoli Mitra returned to Bangla Academy in 2016.

Just as her father Shambhu Mitra passed away unnoticed, Shaoli Mitra also passed away without informing anyone. Her last wish was not to make any fuss after her death. She was also reluctant to be hospitalized. She did not want to be treated despite her illness. No one was informed of her last will and testament after her death. The news was made public after the funeral.