Netaji’s hologram statue is placed!? What is this hologram statue? Find out the details

Mayuri Chatterjee | February 08, 2022 |

Netaji's hologram statue is placed!? What is this hologram statue? Find out the details
Netaji's hologram statue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the installation of a full-length granite statue of Netaji at India Gate, but it took a long time to build. So he announced the release of Netaji’s Hologram Statue. But suddenly the statue of Netaji stopped. Netaji’s hologram laser beam was turned off on Thursday. But first, let us know what is this hologram statue? How all things are made.

Hologram Statue: What is Hologram Statue? Which looks like a realistic statue. But in fact, it is a three dimensional or 3D image. That statue is visible from all sides. This image is projected onto a screen through a projector. And it is made in such a way that even if you look at it from any direction or walk around it, it is not understood that it is a 3D image projected on the screen. Rather it seems to be a three-dimensional object.

How is a hologram statue made?

Hologram Statue is made through a projector. The image of the virtual 3D dimension created through the projector is the HologramStatue. The statue is projected onto a transparent screen with the help of a projector.

How Netaji’s hologram statue was made?
According to the central office, Netaji’s hologram statue is 28 feet high and 6 feet wide. A fork (4K) projector is used to create this hologram sculpture. Its luminosity is 30,000 lumens. A holographic screen has also been used to create this giant hologram sculpture. Which seems almost invisible to all people due to its subtlety and clarity, not only that, in the eyes of the common man, there is no screen, not even a full-fledged statue of the country hero Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

When was the hologram statue of Netaji placed?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the erection of a grand statue in honour of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at the India Gate memorial in Delhi. A full-length granite statue will be erected. However, the whole thing will take a long time to prepare. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a hologram statue at Netaji Subhaschandra Bosu’s 125th birthday on January 23 at India Gate.

Netaji’s hologram statue was closed?
On the occasion of Netaji’s birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a hologram statue of Netaji in front of India Gate on January 23. That hologram statue of Netaji suddenly disappeared within a few days. And this time the Trinamool MPs joined the movement. Suddenly Netaji’s hologram picture stopped. On Thursday night, Trinamool MP Saugat Roy, Sukhendu Shekhar Roy and other MPs were seen protesting in front of India Gate with placards. Trinamool leaders in the Rajya Sabha Derek and Bryan tweeted pictures of the protest. After the protest, the Union Ministry of Culture claimed that there was no political issue.

According to the Union Ministry of Culture, the hologram statues were closed due to inclement weather. It is also known that this rule is followed in the international arena. Due to bad weather, strong winds forced the statue to be dimmed. However, it is also reported that the hologram statue is illuminated again when the weather is normal.