Hathras Gangrape | Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Allowed To Meet Victim’s Family


After a long day of suffering, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi finally met the victim’s family in Hathras.  They reached the victim’s house in the village on Saturday after getting permission from the Yogi government.  They was accompanied by three other Congress leaders.  They spoke to the victim’s family there. The victim’s family members also showed Priyanka a picture of her daughter.

Finally, on Saturday, the opposition had to give way to the government of Yogi Adityanath.  The Congress claimed that the Yogi government was forced to allow them to enter Hathras due to political pressure.

Earlier, on Thursday, Rahul was detained long before his destination. The media was also detained there on that day.  Police said the media was barred from entering the village until the Special Investigation Team (SIT) completed its investigation. “Giving importance the current law and order situation, no outsiders or political representatives will be allowed to enter the village,” said Prakash Kumar, Additional Superintendent of Police, Hathras.

The Congress leadership was vocal in demanding a fair justice for the torture.  The youth leaders of the party took part in the anti-government movement in Yantar Mantar on Friday evening.  On the other hand, Priyanka Gandhi joined the mourning rally at Balmiki temple.  “I will leave after receiving a fair trial. I will not sit idly by until that happens.  The government did not help the victim’s family.  They are feeling very helpless.  Even the rituals were not allowed to be performed.  We have to increase the pressure on the government. ” she said. Shortly afterwards, they were allowed to enter Hathras.