Gangster Jaypal singh Bhullar who shot dead in encounter in Newtown once a talented hammer

Jaypal singh Bhullar

Jaipal was a talented student at the Government Sports Training Center Speed ​​Fund Academy in Ludhiana, Punjab. It was at that academy that Jaipal was introduced to another player, Happy. Happy was involved with the criminal world for a short time. This is where their intimacy begins. And this is where the talented Hammer Thrower’s journey to become a notorious gangster begins.

In July 2004, Jaipal and Happy kidnapped Chirag, the seven-year-old son of a cinema hall owner in Ludhiana. With this incident, Jaipal started getting involved in the criminal world. Jaipal was arrested in that incident. While in prison, he expanded the scope of his criminal world. There he was introduced to notorious gangsters.

Here Jaipal is introduced to Rajiv alias Raja. Raja was arrested in 2006 for robbing a jewelry store. Jaipal and Raja formed a team with Shera Khubban, another notorious gangster.

They then together looted a gun factory in Hoshiarpur. Robbed several banks in Panchkulla and Mohali. The group even started looting vehicles traveling on the highway.
In July 2009, Jaipal and some of his accomplices were arrested by the Chandigarh police. They were taken to 27 police stations in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi for various cases. But in most of the cases, Jaipal and his accomplices got away without any evidence.

While in Burari jail in Chandigarh, Jaipal got involved in a misdemeanor case called Rocky. They form new teams. But due to differences between them, the party broke up. After that, Jaipal formed a team with Gurpreet Sekho and started drug trafficking.

Punjab Police announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh in the name of Jaipal alias Manjit Singh and Rs 5 lakh in the name of another miscreant Yashpreet. In Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, more than 45 cases including murder, extortion, kidnapping, robbery and smuggling are pending in Jaipal’s name.

Jaipal’s father is a retired Assistant Sub-Inspector of Punjab Police. Jaipal had been on the run for the last five years. The police did not even notice his movements. Because he almost never used a mobile phone.

Recently, Punjab police arrested two close associates of Jaipal from Madhya Pradesh. The two accomplices are accused of killing two ASIs. He interrogated them and tried to know Jaipal’s movements. After that, the police found Jaipal at Shapurji residence in Newtown.

Police went to Sapurji’s residence on Wednesday to look for Jaipal as soon as his name came up in the investigation of a drug case. Kolkata police may know from Punjab police that Jaipal is involved in arms and drug business. Jaipal and Yashpreet started firing as soon as they saw the police. Police also fired back. Two miscreants were killed in that clash. One policeman was injured in the incident.