Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary: ​​Wanted to live 150 years Michael Jackson lived on earth for only 50 years.

Riju Chakraborty | Kolkata | Aug 29, 2022 |

Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary: ​​Wanted to live 150 years Michael Jackson lived on earth for only 50 years
Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary

Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary: ​​When shaking hands with someone, he used to wear gloves and put a mask on his face. He had 12 doctors employed at home to look after him, who examined him every day, from his hair to his toenails. Food was tested in a laboratory and fed. There were 12 people to exercise every day; Used to sleep in oxygen bed.

Prepared Organ Donor for himself. Whose expenses were borne by himself, so that they could give Kidney, Lungs, Eye, etc. organs to Michael if suddenly needed. But he could not live for 150 years! He lost his life when he was only 50 years of old. On June 25, 2009, his heart stopped.

The efforts of 12 doctors in his own house did not work. All the doctors in Los Angeles, California tried together but could not save him. For the last 25 years of his life, Michael did not walk a step without doctor’s advice. Who dreamed of living for 150 years. His dream remained elusive.

Michael Jackson’s funeral was watched live by 2.5 million people, making it the largest live telecast to date.

On the day of his death i.e. 25th June 2009 at 3:15pm Wekipedia, Twitter, AOL’s instant messaging were shut down.
8 lakh people simultaneously searched for Michael Jackson on Google’s. Google traffic was jammed for additional searches, Google was down for almost two and a half hours.

Defying death, he himself lost the challenge. Maybe this is the law of nature.

What is the pride, what is the pride, one day in this life of four days, you will reach death with empty hands and bare feet?

Now think about it.

  1. Are we making money for Builder, Engineer, Designer, Decorator’s?
  2. Who are we impressing by showing expensive houses, cars, luxurious marriages?
  3. Do you remember what you ate at someone’s wedding two days ago?
  4. Why are we working like animals at the beginning of life?
  5. How many generations will I be able to feed and care for?
  6. Most of us have 2 children, some have 1.
    Have you thought about how much we need in life and how much we want to get?
  7. Do you think your children can’t earn, so is it so necessary to have extra savings for them?
  8. Do you spend even 1 day a week for your family, friends, or even yourself?
  9. Spend 5% of your monthly income on your own happiness and pleasure?
  10. What is the real joy of life while we earn money?
    The answer is 99% no no no!

Give time to family and loved ones.
Think for the other side as well. None of us own any property, only some papers temporarily put our name on it.
When we say “I own this place” the Creator might smile.

Seeing someone’s beautiful car, rich clothes
Do not judge him, stay away from pride, because this pride will end you one day, in the social network technology, we are neglecting the close people and preferring the distant people who are online.

Don’t underestimate people, evaluate them, because people are for people, forgiveness is the best sign of creation, keep the attitude of seeing the good side instead of seeing the bad side, because bad is followed by good, and good is followed by bad.

Being rich is not a crime, but being rich only for money is a crime.
So to say – Control your life
Otherwise life will control you one day.