Why are men attracted to the beautiful feet of girls?

 Why are men attracted to the beautiful feet of girls?

Men’s minds are attracted to women’s feet and legs.  Again, women also show their feet and legs to pull men’s eyes.  But do you know what kind of leg means what?

Why are men attracted to the feet of girls?  Foot structure or tenderness?  There may be various differences.  But let us know what is understood by looking at the feet.

We judge different parts of the body and from that we judge the fate of girls.  Such as hands, eyes, lips, forehead etc.  But it is also true that a lot can be said about a girl by looking at her feet.  Let’s take a look at the structure of the legs and feet of girls.

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1) All the girls who are a little bigger in size than the big toe are very lucky and their married life is very happy.

2) Girls whose feet are very smooth or soft and the color of the feet is light pink, they are happy in life but sometimes suffer from misery.

3) Those whose toenails are round and have a very smooth and light pink tinge, will have prosperity along with happiness.  But if the nails are black and broken, the fate of the woman is just the opposite.

4) For girls whose little finger does not touch the ground, the people in the family may be ashamed.  Apart from that, their husbands are in danger of falling in love with another woman.

5) Girls who do not have equal soles of the feet are very complex in nature.

6) Those whose big toes are a little smaller are usually a little shorter.

7) Girls who have slightly wider or stronger ankles and higher ankles are usually bitches.