Varun Dhawan’s Car Meets With Accident On Way To Bachelor Party

Varun Dhawan's Car Meets With Accident On Way To Bachelor Party
Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan’s car was involved in an accident before going to the bachelor party. On the afternoon before Varun-Natasha’s wedding in Alibag, his friends had arranged a meal for Varun. Designer Manish Malhotra was also present.

The wedding party was held in Alibag, a short distance from The Mansion House. And there was an accident on the way with a friend. This news has been reported by the news media sources. However, it is known that there was no major accident. No one was hurt. Varun is also intact. Even pictures of Varun’s bachelor party came to light through the society on Saturday night. The actor has been seen quite happily with friends.

Today, Varun’s wedding party is being held at ‘The Mansion House’ in Alibag on Sunday afternoon. Fans are flocking to see the first glimpse of Varun-Natasha’s wedding. But before that, the news of Varun’s car accident had raised some concerns among the fans. The accident was known to be slight.

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