Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are married, Varun dhawan posted pictures on Instagram

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are married, Varun dhawan posted pictures on Instagram
Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal Marriage

After 20 years of friendship and 14 years of love, actor Varun Dhawan and his college girlfriend Natasha Dalal finally got married.


Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal Marriage

Even after covering up, a lot of news was published about Varun-Natasha’s marriage. When to get married, when to get married. From noon on January 24, the social media was looking to see the pictures of Varun and Natasha’s wedding. At the end of the night at eleven o’clock the actor pleased the fans. Published pictures of the wedding on social pages. The scene of Varun and Natasha wearing silver clothes tied to Satpank. In the description, the actor wrote, “Lifelong love is the only fulfillment.”

The two laid the foundation for a close relationship at a resort surrounded by palm trees near Saswan Lake in Alibag, on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Witnessing the sunset. Family, kin and only a few close friends.


Doesn’t the marriage of a favorite actor, the result of a long love affair, make the beginning of the year good when there is a lot of bad news all around?

Varun is one of the most successful young generation actors in Bollywood. In his few years of acting life, commercial hit films are no less important to him. The number of fans is also huge. He made waves in millions of hearts. People will want to know the news of every moment of his marriage. There is nothing unusual in it.

However, the extra cover of the Dhawan family about marriage sometimes raised questions about the veracity of the news. For the past few days, various news and speculations were coming up. Finally, Varun himself ended all the practice on Sunday night.

It was heard that the newlyweds would meet on Sunday evening. Newlyweds actor Varun Dhawan and his fashion designer wife Natasha Dalal’s wedding photos were seen by netizens since noon. At the end of the evening, the two met at night. After the marriage, the two were captured by the photographers. He also gave pictures through social media.


Varun Natasha’s wedding was in the top three of the trending list on Twitter since this morning. The paparazzi also crowded outside Varun-Natasha’s wedding hall since morning. However, the guests came and went in front of the resort, except for a small moment found in the gap in the gate. Occasionally, designer Manish Malhotra and director Kunal Kohli posted some pictures on their social media pages. The news of their clothes was known but the rest of the news was not found.


Karan Johar was present as the guest. He arrived at The Mansion House at 4 pm in a black and white designer track suit. Varun’s best friend Zoya Morani also appeared at the wedding in a blue-and-gold lehenga around 6 pm. But that’s it. No more guests were seen.


It was already decided that Varun and Natasha would get married at dusk. That’s why I chose this resort near Saswal Lake in Alibag. The priest was seen entering the resort around 2 pm. After a while, the sound of drums could be heard from inside. Varun Natasha got married according to the Punjabi tradition. Dance songs have a big role in marriage in this style. According to various sources, Karan Johar will organize the dance song program.