Urfi Javed: ‘If you have to comment on clothes, do it on your girlfriends and sisters’, Urfi Javed scolded journalists!

Jeevan Ghosh | Kaliachak | September 07, 2022. |

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Urfi Javed | Image Source: Instagram |

Urfi Jived Viral Video: Urfi Javed doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. She knows very well that his clothes are practiced and criticized. And that’s why every time Urfi appears in more dangerous outfits to stir up controversy. But if someone directly tells her something, she does not keep her mouth shut.

Urfi recently appeared in a backless outfit at the newly released ‘Nach Baby’ music video event. She made a part of the backlet short dress as a veil on her head. The two ends of the veil cover the bosom couple. The upper part is almost bare. Standing in front of the paparazzi, Urfi suddenly lost his temper. She raised her finger and said, no one will comment on her clothes!

Urfiq is seen threatening journalists by shaking her finger. She said, “I did not come here to do this. If you have to comment on clothes, do it on your girlfriends and sisters. From today no one will comment on my clothes.”

Many people are angry with Urfi for talking about the mother and sister. One wrote, Our mothers and sisters do not move like this.