The Devil’s Advocate (1997) | Movie Review

 Movie- The Devil’s Advocate

Director- Taylor Hackford

The Devil’s Advocate was created in 1997 under the direction of Taylor Hackford.  It can’t be called a thriller, nor can it be called completely spiritual.  But there are both thrills and spiritual fillings.  It is a must watch for those who like supernatural movies.  It is also a matter of thought that a man wearing a court tie can be portrayed as a devil in this way.  Without any make-up, without any extra get-up, the portrayal of such a character with only a smile of a decent man has taken the movie to a different place.

However, after watching this movie, I understood that the masks of people in this society can be horrible.  I have always been fascinated by Alfredo James Pacino.  I was fascinated once again.  The creator may have made it from another point of view.  But as a viewer from any movie, I always have a point of view of my own.

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Satan has always wanted to assert himself against God.  If a man is made a guinea pig in this battle between God and Satan, what will man actually do?  Being a child of the devil, wherever he actually goes, that creates a place of suspense in the movie.  In all, the movie can be seen in two hours.

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Anika Chowdhury Prionty | Dhaka Bangladesh