The Attack On Rhea Chakraborty Is Slowly Turning Into Bengali Misogyny In India

Rhea Chakraborty
Author: Sudarsan Roy |SEP, 8, 2020



What is witch’s masculine word in indian language-culture?  Is there anything at all?  If not, what is the reason behind it?  we really think of girls as just girls;  think less as a human being here.

The attack on Rhea Chakraborty is slowly turning into Bengali misogyny in India. One can easily understand the history of Indian sociology. Brahmanism has always wanted to keep women, women’s sexuality dominated by men. Manuvada has always been against women’s freedom.  However, the Bengali women’s liberation movement is quite ahead in terms of India. This thing is actually causing discomfort to Manuvadi patriarchs on a larger scale.


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Like a man, a woman has the freedom to choose her sexual partner.  If Rhea Chakraborty is convicted, there is judiciary system for her. No one on social media has the right to judge her immediately.  Lately, Bengali misogynistic posts and memes have been catching the eye on social media. Referring to Rhea Chakraborty some people calling Bengali girls greedy, black magician and witch.  It is as shameful and reprehensible to blame the community depends on one person without the evidence.