Suzhal: The Vortex :-Let’s know the plot of Suzhal web series. Suzhal web series review.

Sanjib Das | Kolkata | Aug 27, 2022 |

Suzhal: The Vortex :-Let's know the plot of Suzhal web series. Suzhal web series review.
Suzhal: The Vortex

Every person has two characters. One character used to live a normal life, which is visible in front of all of us, in front of the society. Another character we never see. Usually this character is hidden. Only certain people get to know this character. Almost time. It can be seen that this hidden character of man is very dark, sometimes dirty and disgusting.

Sometimes this hidden character of people is exposed in front of the society due to the social context and situation. Then we are suddenly shocked and surprised by seeing something unusual, and at last, we are disgusted.

Series – Suzhal
Genre – Mystery/Thriller
Imdb – 8.7
Episode – 8

Talking about another wonderful work of the director duo of Vikram Veda movie. A small town in Tamil, where everyone knows everyone. Everyone has been living in harmony for ages. The remarkable thing about this small town is that a cement factory was built here twenty-five years ago. On which the income of the maximum people of the city somehow depended. But lately the factory workers were not dealing with the owners, due to which the labor union leader Shanmugam called a strike. The workers also responded by going on a heavy strike. That night, a fire broke out and the entire cement factory was reduced to ashes.

The beginning of the mystery is here. Is the cement factory fire accidental? Now if someone has set fire on purpose then who is he? Where the maximum people’s bread and sustenance of the city depends on this factory. Where if this factory burns, no one has any loss or profit?

Although the origin of the mystery is here, the mystery really takes off when Neela, the fifteen-year-old daughter of union leader Shanmugam’s school, goes missing that night for no apparent reason.

For those who have not seen the series, this is all that can be said about this series of eight episodes. While watching the series, I did not know that Vikram Vedha team is directing this series. If I had known, I would have had more expectations. Then maybe I would have enjoyed it a little less. Being my first Tamil series, I didn’t watch it with much expectation. I don’t know because of that, this series impressed me well. After each episode, I was getting more and more excited in this series.

I will not claim that the series has progressed with a completely different story as a mystery thriller. That is not possible in many cases, but such a wonderful story telling, screenplay, I just couldn’t help but appreciate it. There is something in this kind of movie series that gives some serious twists at the end of the whole story. , there are some things that sometimes try to give some twist to the story.

This series is like that. But it would be wrong to say that they have tried to give twists to the story sometimes, they have really given amazing twists throughout this series. It can be said that the director has taken me to the end of this series with a kind of push and push. At the end, however, it was a little rushed. , but that’s only because the whole series is so amazing. It’s like a drop of ink on a white sheet of paper.

I usually don’t talk about BGM. But the BGM in this series is just heart pounding. I haven’t seen such amazing BGM in a long time. Also the visualization of Hindu Mythology, and the attachment to the story is definitely eye-catching. And I can guarantee that you won’t find it unreasonable. .

I wanted to give a detailed post about this series where there will be heavy spoilers. I mean some special short discussion and what else. But I didn’t write it because it is not appropriate to give such a post with heavy spoilers about a new series. I will write it another time.

Isn’t there a buzzword in movie reviews these days? “Highly Recommended”?
This series is highly recommended.