Srilekha Mitra showing underwear without pants

Srilekha Mitra showing underwear |
Sreelekha Mitra

Srilekha Mitra is a very popular actress in Tollywood. Her name has been implicated in several political debates before and after the Assembly polls.

Forgetting all this, she returned to work in the world of acting. Apart from her acting, this time Srilekha will be seen in the role of director. This film is currently in post production. The actress along with loves to live on her own terms.

Srilekha Mitra never hesitated to come in front of the camera with no makeup look. Rather, she has always been in front of the camera like herself.

Even after 40, she is still a new actress, so she posted a picture of a bold photoshoot on social media. Many people are fascinated by what they see.

Srilekha Mitra posed in front of the camera of photographer Rana Basu while maintaining the black and white atmosphere. Wear only a thin shirt.

The actress has become more enchanting with her no make-up look. Her glamorous look are spread in the virtual world. In this photoshoot of the actress, sometimes there is a cigar between her lips, sometimes the actress is sitting in the chair and posing with a smile.

Sharing the pictures, the actress herself wrote in the caption, “No makeup, no light, no editing” – Rana Basu framed the pictures without anything.

The actress herself praised her photo session.

Srilekha never felt any hesitation about her body as she is not as thin as others. However, sometimes body shaming has been acknowledged.

However, she protested. Instead, she expressed her love for herself on social media without being fat or thin. The actress gave that message once again in her new photoshoot.

The name of director Srilekha’s second film has not been decided yet. However, in the midst of her busy schedule, the beautiful actress and director is writing the screenplay.