Srabanti Chatterjee : From boyfriend to Body shaming controversy is not leaving behind this Tollywood actress

Sudarsan Roy | Kolkata | November 03 | 2021 |

Srabanti Chatterjee claims herself to be a brave woman. Evidence of her recklessness has been found many times. She has already been married three times and has been the subject of much controversy each time. Even after that, Srabanti is in a new love affair with Abhirup Nag Chowdhury.

A few days ago, Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee went on a trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend Abhirup Nag Chowdhury. They were accompanied by Sravanti’s son Abhimanyu Chattopadhyay and his girlfriend Damini Ghosh.

Sravanti Chatterjee regularly uploads pictures on Instagram. Going to a resort in the Maldives was no exception. Sravanti uploaded the photo on Instagram with her hand on the elephant’s trunk. The actress got into trouble after uploading that picture. Netizens started making all kinds of obscene comments on the images. One compares her to an elephant because of her heavy appearance. One of the netizens said, “Even an elephant’s trunk will enter within you.”

This Tollywood actress doesn’t care much about people. Sravanti Chatterjee has uploaded several pictures on Instagram wearing a thin shirt while going to the resort.

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After returning from the resort, Srabonti had fun at a Halloween party with her boyfriend Abhirup Nag Chowdhury last Sunday. Now the new lover Avirup is his constant companion in all the festivals. Durga Puja or birthday – she spends time with her lover Abhirup.

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