Roshan Singh Shares A Picture With His New Friend On Instagram

Roshan Singh

Roshan Singh. Every Bengali now knows him as the husband of actress Srabanti Chatterjee. The life of the airline’s cabin crew supervisor, once a hundred years away from the glamor world, due to the strained personal relationship with the star’s wife, is now virtually ‘public’. Even every one of his posts on social media has been scrutinized.

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Roshan posted a picture with a woman on Friday. The two are seen smiling outside their gym during the day. They are looking at the camera and showing the victory sign. The woman’s hand on Roshan’s shoulder. The caption reads, ‘He is my best friend’.

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Roshan’s beautiful girlfriend’s name is Anam Khan. Instagram profile says Anam is a model by profession. She also pays attention to physical exercise like her friend Roshan. But in the profile of Roshan’s ‘Friend of the Mind’, no trace of the two together was found.

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Recently, Roshan said that a fake profile has been opened in his name on Instagram. Not only that. He also said that many obscene messages have been sent from there. Roshan thinks that this is being done to discredit him. However, he did not open his mouth about who or who is involved in it.