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Panga | Movie Review

 Movie – Panga

Director- Ashwini Iyer Tiwari

The movie ‘Panga’ is the story of a housewife, the story of a wife, the story of a mother, the story of Jaya Nigam.  We have a Jaya Nigam right next door.  But we don’t see that.  This is one of the 101 reasons I love movies.  Which happens all the time in front of our eyes, but we don’t see, the movie shows us so.  So is the story of Jaya Nigam.

Sports gives people the gift of a tidy, disciplined life.  This is the main gift of sports. The same is true of Jaya Nigam.  Once upon a time, she used to walk on the kabaddi field. She had to leave the kabaddi field to play at the matrimonial field, but she also used to play kabaddi at home.  From the morning parota to the warm sleep of the night, everything was kabaddi kabaddi.  But gradually Jaya forgets her identity.  From Jaya Nigam, her name became ‘wife’ or ‘mother’. The family is definitely a setback in a woman’s life.  But it is not always the husband or family members who are to blame.

Many times the responsibility lies with the situation, the time.  I like this aspect of the movie very much.  Usually in such movies we see the family, especially the husband or the father-in-law in a negative role.  But that is not the story of Jaya.  A question from Jaya’s husband and her seven-year-old son – ‘Mother is 32 years old.  Doesn’t comeback come at the age of 32?  ‘This question has answered all the questions of the women of this society.

Jaya’s family finally wins at last.  This movie has to show so.  The Jaya Nigam in the house next to ours can also win if she wants to.  Just need to throw a question.

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I always like Kangana. Her acting fascinates me.  So it has been in this movie.  But seven years of old Yagga’s performance surprised me.  Jesse Gill has played the role of Jayar’s husband.  I hope he will be such a husband in real life.  Totally a drama genre movie.  ‘Panga’ can also be seen in the final match of Bharat Kabaddi Champions League.

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