Nusrat Jahan: Nusrat deserves enough praise because she did not set foot on the path of feticide

Nusrat Jahan: Nusrat deserves enough praise because she did not set foot on the path of feticide
Nusrat Jahan | Image Source: Instagram

The identity of the father is still unknown, but Nusrat Jahan gave birth to a son. The Tollywood actress showed courage by giving birth to a fatherless son. Nusrat showed the light of the world to a child and did not go for feticide for fear of traditional socialism.

After Nusrat became pregnant, various satires started about the identity of the father of her future child through various news outlets. Her husband Nikhil Jain made it clear that he is not the father of the child. On the other hand, Yash Dasgupta, the closest person to Nusrat, was with her from the time she was pregnant until she gave birth to a child.

No matter who the father of Nusrat’s child is, the storm of offensive comments on social media is not at all desirable. Rather, the man who does not want to introduce himself as his father should be ashamed.

He was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata on Wednesday. The newborn and the mother are well for now. Nusrat gave birth to a son at 12:45 pm on Thursday. The weight of the newborn is 2.9 kg.

Nusrat’s closest man Yash Dasgupta was her companion as she wished at the time of childbirth. Yash took all the responsibility of the future mother while she was pregnant. But Nusrat herself did not open her mouth on this issue.

Nusrat’s view on motherhood:

At this stage of becoming a mother, Nusrat has come to the forefront in the struggle to understand the rights of women. She spoke of the struggle of life in the face of satire, ridicule, and strong arrows of hatred. Without naming her ex-partner Nikhil Jain, she said that any couple should get out of their relationship if it starts getting poisoned.

According to Nusrat, one cannot be good without protesting for fear of social stigma. Nusrat has repeatedly said in the media that every woman should give priority to her own choice and desire. However, she never opened his mouth about the paternity of her child.

Regarding Nusrat’s pregnancy, Nikhil said that he did not know anything about it. “I have not had a relationship with Nusrat for a long time,” he said. “It is clear that this child is not mine. ” However, it is known from her very close circle that the father of this child is actor Yash Dasgupta.

On the subject of pregnancy, Nusrat said, “Motherhood is a blessing, there is no denying it, but one should not decide to become a mother if one’s body and mind are not ready.”