Nora Fatehi Opened Her Mouth About Touching Her Buttocks

Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi Opened Her Mouth About Touching Her Back

A video clip has recently caused a stir on social media.  In this video of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ reality show, three judges of the show, Gita, Terrence and Nora, come in front of the stage and greet someone.

Terence’s hand touched Nora’s buttocks as he raised his hand for that salutation. Watching the video in slow motion, it seems that Terrence Lewis is slapping Nora’s buttocks hard.  And this video went viral.  Totally unintentional or intentional obscene touch to the actress?

Netizens are now busy looking for the answer to this question.  Nora Fatehi, who is known as ‘Saki Girl’, also wrote her statement in the comment box below in support of Terrence’s post on social media stating exactly what happened. She wrote, “Thanks Terrence!  Nowadays, many distortions are done in the media by using Photoshop for photos or videos.

She further added “I’m glad you’re calm about it.  You and Madam Gita are both very respectful to me.  I’m happy to be the judge of this show.  I got a lot of respect and love there.  I have learned a lot.  Be very good.”